5 Minute Madness

Submissions by:  27th October

... No, you dont need to create a 'mad' film, the objective of this competition is to create a short film within the next 20 days (Short notice, but thats the idea!)! I will be launching these 'Short Term' competitions like these to get filmmakers moving fast, you will have a limited amount of time to work on your films so it will test your skills! Plus, if you are unable to enter for the 'Long term' Competition then these 'Short Term' competitions will give you a second chance! The prizes include being featured on the channel AND a sound library! However, the main competition remains to be the WW2 Short FIlm Competition featured below, I will repeat these Long term competitions throughout the year so you all have the chance to win bigger and better prizes!! 

Terms and Conditions
*You must shoot a film within these next 20 days, you CANNOT use a film you have already made! It must be a maximum of 5 minutes, however you can make whatever you want, unlike the WW2 competition.
* You CANNOT Enter this Competition if you are already in the WW2 'Long term Competition', however you can drop out and join this one if you want.


To Enter...

* Please confirm you are entering by filling in the form entry form below
* To enter your final film, fill out the submission form below!

Good Luck!

Thank you for your submissions! {Closed}


Action Essentials & Dynamic Range Weapon Sounds up for grabs! 

Hi guys, this is a great opportunity for you WW2 nuts to get out there and make some movies! Many of my subscribers tell me they are going to make a movie but I never hear from them, this competition should get things moving!!

Here are all the details:

If you want to get started with the competition, please send a message to AdMicProductions (Youtube) to confirm that you will be making a video!

Length: 5-10mins (10m max!)
Theme: WW2
Animation's not accepted!

Judged on:
Plot, Concept, quality of production, actor's performance, sound design, VFX, script

NOTE: you do NOT need to have good VFX/Sound as it can be hard to find these resources - however, you will need to step up the quality of your Plot, Concept, script and actor's performance! Feel free to use any tutorials on our channel to help you!

Once completed/uploaded please compose youtube message to AdMicProductions before 28th October:

Title: Contest Entry {User name} 
Message: {Username) {Video URL} {Real name} Directed by... Script by... any other participants...

You have until October 28th to complete and upload your film - Then we will look through them and award prizes in November! If you already own action essentials 2, you will still receive the sound library but the VFX pack will be passed down for second place. Good luck, have fun! 

More information available here: http://www.facebook.com/WW2Competition2012